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Verizon’s network and the nation’s towers to be tested for drone guidance experiment

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NASA is developing technology to track commercial and civilian drones via cell coverage with the first tests of an air traffic control system set for this summer. The agency is enlisting help from Verizon which will assist in identifying whether the carrier can keep tabs on UAVs throughout the nation. Although articles about the exclusive story appearing in The Guardian …

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ATC leads slightly over Crown with their $5 billion 11,324 Verizon tower deal

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American Tower Corporation today announced that it has been the successful suitor in acquiring the rights to approximately 11,324 wireless communications towers and purchase approximately 165 additional towers from Verizon Communications, Inc. for $5.056 billion. Under the agreement, American Tower will have the exclusive right to lease and operate the Verizon towers for a weighted average term of approximately 28 …

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Four miraculously survive crash after aircraft clips Verizon tower in Missouri

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Excellent emergency piloting, luck or a combination of both on Friday evening allowed a pilot and his three passengers to live and recount their harrowing experience after their aircraft clipped a self-supporting tower in Springfield, Mo. and continued for a mile and a half before crashing into a vacant lot. The pilot, Bill Perkins, was well-aware of the obstruction hazards …