January 31, 2019

Contractor survey uncovers some startling financial statistics that could trigger a 5G train wreck
In their drive to lower capex as they roll out 5G, carriers have created a troubling national Achille’s heel – a contractor base that has many companies swimming in debt with serious cash flow problems, according to results of an extensive nationwide survey taken by Wireless Estimator. The wireless contractor survey that was completed last quarter by 263 vetted companies, clearly indicates that … Read more

Comments on contractor roadblocks set up by carriers that will derail America’s 5G race
Deeply concerned about the unsustainable state of wireless contracting, company executives provided 328 optional comments in Wireless Estimator’s extensive survey that was unveiled today. Armed with anonymity, it’s not possible to verify the accuracy of their statements. But it’s clear that their comments, in most cases, were well-thought-out summaries of the difficulties they are facing as carrier capex cuts, extended … Read more

Carriers either ignore or are unaware of contractors’ higher than average truck roll expenses
Wireless contractors can’t be profitable with the hourly rates set by carriers and turfing contractors in many markets or the rates that they have to use to successfully win a bid, according to company executives who registered their concerns in an extensive nation-wide survey taken by Wireless Estimator that will be released this week. “They treat us like we’re a … Read more

High climbing tower techs bear the brunt of Artic blasts
A Georgia tower tech might be cursing the bone-chilling 26° temperature he’s working in this morning in Atlanta. At the same time, a Fargo, ND tower climber might be pleased with this morning’s  weather report of -19° for most of the day in an environment that can see extreme cold temperatures of -70° as it was earlier this morning in Grand Fork. … Read more

Fifth FCC Commissioner Starks is off and running with his first five staffers
Newly sworn-in FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks, who made his first public appearance at yesterday’s brief open meeting,  announced his first five staff members, all of whom are serving in acting capacities. “I am deeply honored to serve as a Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, and I thank the President and the United States Senate for this exceptional privilege.  As … Read more

NWSA launches Tower Foreman and Antenna & Line Specialty certification programs
New nationwide portable certification programs provide career progression pathways for industry workers The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) announced today the official launch of the Telecommunications Tower Foreman and Antenna & Line Specialty Certification programs. These programs were developed by the NWSA’s Foreman and Antenna & Line Specialty Task Force that is comprised of subject matter experts from all aspects … Read more

Services set for Feb. 2, 2019 for American Tower founder Steven Dodge
UPDATE: January 28, 2019 – Services have been announced for American Tower founder Steven Dodge who passed away Jan. 17, 2019 following a bicycle accident. Dodge is survived by wife of 44 years Anne Dodge (Bonita Springs, FL), sons Tom Dodge (Manchester, MA), Ben Dodge (Cohasset, MA), daughter Kristen Dodge (Kinderhook, NY), five grandchildren, and brothers Lowell Dodge (Boulder, CO), … Read more

Night climbing requirements could be “putting profits ahead of tower technicians’ lives”
“It’s obvious, carriers are simply putting profits ahead of tower technicians’ lives,” said a Texas-based contractor’s safety manager last week, deploring requirements by some carriers to perform maintenance work during nighttime hours to keep subscriber service interruptions at a minimum. He was one of many company owners and safety professionals Wireless Estimator spoke with after there was a groundswell of concern following … Read more

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